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Which Are the Best Insurance Companies For Your Business in Europe?

No matter the size of your business or corporation, you need insurance to safeguard your assets.

To help you locate the ideal European insurers that fit your requirements, we’ve compiled a list of the best European insurers.

These companies provide top-notch products and services, as well as an outstanding customer experience.

Furthermore, they are utilizing digital technology to improve their operations, expand their businesses, and stay ahead of the competition.

Insurance for my business what ti choose in Europe ?


Getsurance is a Berlin-based digital insurance company with the mission to revolutionize how insurance is sold. They use cutting-edge technology to design products that are user-centric and save customers time.

Recently, the company closed a EUR 2 million seed funding round led by Berlin-based venture capitalists IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Picus Capital and Postfinance Bank. As part of their mission to develop more life solutions such as long-term care and term life insurance for the European single market, they received funding through this round.

Getsurance stands out from traditional insurers by enabling customers to purchase their policy online with just one click and file claims or modify coverage quickly and conveniently.

This Berlin-based startup utilizes AI, data and algorithms to accurately predict customer risk. Their solution helps insurers reduce costs, boost profits and enhance the customer experience.


GOmontir is a mobile app that gives vehicle owners the ability to book mechanics in their local area. It also boasts an online marketplace for spare parts and can help find the correct insurance for your motorbike, scooter or car.

GOmontir stands out among other apps by being free and accessible to all ages. It can be installed on any Android or iOS smartphone and even works well on computers using Bluestacks.

GOmontir app is an innovative way for vehicle owners to get quotes, book mechanics, order spare parts or simply find out which motorbike helmet is the best one. Not only does this save users money and time on maintenance and repair tasks but it’s also a great way to stay safe while riding.

We consider GOmontir to be the most impressive app we’ve encountered, a true winner in its category. While other apps exist, GOmontir stands out among them all as having all of the latest mobile technologies and an easy-to-use user experience.


FRISS provides fraud detection and risk assessment solutions to the insurance industry. It offers a suite of tools that help prevent and detect fraudulence, such as a central dashboard, risk assessment, and compliance automation.

FRISS utilizes machine learning to assess risks through data mining and analysis. This information is then combined into a risk score that provides a quantified assessment of each person or case’s risks.

By using this risk score, insurers can evaluate whether they are providing the most competitive insurance products and services at a fair price. 132 insurers worldwide use this technology which supports straight-through processing (STP).

It also enhances efficiency through insurance fraud analytics and automates compliance with local regulations and service-level agreements. FRISS helps reduce loss ratios by identifying fraudulent claims and enabling insurers to pay out legitimate ones faster. It’s available as a software-as-a-service solution.


Getsafe is an innovative digital insurance provider headquartered in Germany that has recently made its way to the UK market, providing a range of cover that’s user-friendly and manageable.

The company offers an excellent value product that appeals to both tenants and homeowners. It provides a free trial period of 30 days that lets you test out the system before making a purchase decision.

It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and an optional $5 per month extended warranty. Plus, 24/7 monitoring is included as part of the service.

The company boasts an outstanding customer support team that is incredibly quick and helpful. They respond promptly to any issues or questions, even providing direct email connections if necessary.

Last modified: March 21, 2023